• Bubble Morph Childern's Ministry
  • Slide Open to serve during the 10:00am and 10:50am Sunday Service Welcome to our church family. Our children's ministry provides a setting which allows children 18 months of age to 5th grade opportunities to explore, discover, and increase their spiritual knowledge. Where does this take place? The Children's Ministry's various programs meet downstairs in the classrooms located in the lower level of the church. How much does it cost? There is no cost. The Nursery and Children's Ministry services are free, thanks to our dedicated, and committed volunteer, staff and workers. How can I volunteer? For additional information contact The Department of Christian Education (910) 424-8430
  • Slide The Children's church training union program (ctu) meets each wednesday evening from 6:30pm-7:30pm It'is our desire that each child will Experience worship, joy,love,discipline and security. Develop an awareness and concept of GOD, the Bible church,self and others
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